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Portfolio Management

Why do people invest? What’s the purpose? While all people have different goals, they tend to invest their hard-earned money to get ahead and create wealth. The hard part is determining what approach(es) to use to achieve the end goal. There are a plethora of investing techniques that can be complicated and ever-changing. How do you choose which one to use?

We help simplify the investing world by making it what it should be – a methodical, understandable approach that manages your risk to achieve your financial goals.

Working with Odyssey, you benefit from our fee-based, asset management program, customized for your personal financial goals, investment time horizon and risk tolerance.

Our program invests in appropriate, but competitive, broadly diversified, mutual funds managed by Dimensional Fund Advisors. Their unique investment process is rooted in significant academic research that several factors, or dimensions, can be analyzed to determine that certain market segments have higher expected returns.

Dimensional’s investment strategies focus on efficient trade execution to minimize taxes and transaction costs. We believe in the process employed by Dimensional Fund Advisors, and we are confident this process has the potential to deliver solid returns over time. We applaud the company’s continued focus on investment research, and we continue to utilize enhancements that become available to benefit our clients. For more information visit

We do not research, track, or make recommendations related to individually traded stocks.