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Financial Planning

Planning ahead is often a primary component of joyful and successful moments in life. With a plan, you intentionally make things happen and create a greater likelihood of achieving your desired goal. Working toward your financial dreams, goals and desires should be no different.

Your personal journey is filled with different life events. As much as you likely anticipate and look forward to some of these experiences (marriage, children, college, or retirement), others may happen too (job loss, divorce, or loss of a loved one). Our financial planning process prepares you for each of these life stages the best we can as you experience life.

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals, it is our duty and privilege to prepare your unique financial plan based on your unique circumstances. We place your best interests first by ensuring our recommendations align with your goals, are suitable for you, and help you navigate your odyssey wisely.

Our financial planning fees are aligned with the areas you want to address and the complexity of your situation, which can be impacted by family status, business ownership, and more. Ultimately, our fee is based on the amount of time and resources your plan requires. We’ll be completely open and upfront about our fees as we discuss your circumstances and how we can best help.

NOTE: if you engage Odyssey by selecting our Personal Planning process, there are no fees for financial planning, and your plan is monitored and revised periodically to coincide with changes in your goals and life.

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