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Will You Accept This Rose?

Will You Accept This Rose?

| February 14, 2021

It’s February, I’m in love.  Honestly, as Covid-19 quarantine lingers on like an uninvited party guest that won’t leave, I am leaning into all things love – red and pink hearts, rom-coms on repeat, dating shows – need I go on?  As I watched the latest episode of The Bachelor/90 Day Fiancé/Married at First Sight, it got me thinking about dating and finding The One…the one financial advisor that is.  Let’s talk about why finding the right-for-you financial advisor is as important as finding your person.    

Your person is your champion throughout life.  The one individual that loves you just as you are, supports you in your endeavors, and helps you pick up the pieces when life knocks you down.  Your right-for-you financial advisor should give you all the feels as your person does.  You’ll know you’ve found the right-for-you financial advisor when you feel

  • Heard…your financial advisor is providing you personalized advice, about your money, your interests, and your journey through life.
  • Cared for…your financial advisor offers you advice grounded in a disciplined processes and years of experiences to bring joy to your life, to help you protect the ones you love, and to reassure you in troubling times.
  • Important…your financial advisor makes time for you by proactively reaching out and providing you with relevant information that is meant for you and your situation – not just for now, but for the long-term.
  • Supported…your financial advisor helps you identify and prioritize your individual goals and supports you with an implementable plan to manage your personal finances holistically while also relating your total wealth to your personal relationships, resources, and realities.
  • Secure…your financial advisor always keeps your best interest at heart.

Finding your right-for-you financial advisor, much like finding your person, may take some effort, but in the end it’s worth it.  If you’re interested in finding your right-for-you financial advisor and need a place to start, give me a call 770.992.4444 ext. 4 or send me an email