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Who Enjoys Holiday Shopping?

Who Enjoys Holiday Shopping?

| November 11, 2020

Better yet, who enjoys saving money while doing it? As the holidays approach, most of us do what we can to be smart shoppers and save money. Here is a one way to do just that – by searching for coupon codes online.

If you’ve ever tried it there are challenges. Looking for promo codes online at multiple websites is a hassle and can be a long process with no guarantee that the codes will even work.  

This holiday, as you “shop til you drop” at your favorite online stores, we have a suggestion for you. Give Honey a try, and let this service optimize the best promo codes at checkout and help you save money. Established to support online shoppers, Honey is a FREE extension you can add to your internet browser that searches for the best coupon deals while you shop online.

Honey works with thousands of online shopping platforms to get the best deal. As you’re shopping online, Honey will notify you of various promo codes that can be used at checkout. At checkout, the app will apply a promo code that will save you the most money.

In addition to the saving capabilities offered by Honey through promo codes, Honey offers a rewards program called Honey Gold. Every time you make a purchase while using Honey, you’ll receive Honey Gold. Then, once you collect 1,000 Honey Golds, you  can redeemed them for a $10 gift card.

And it’s incredibly easy to use. Honey can be downloaded as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. To download Honey, visit Once you have signed up, download the extension and shop away! In addition to the browser extension, if you wish to take your shopping on the go, Honey has a mobile app called Honey Smart Shopping Assistant available for iOS.

To learn more about Honey (with pictures) check out Clark Howard’s article here!