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What Will You Do Differently in 2016?

| December 05, 2015

One could say that if we are “wise” then increased knowledge leads to improved behavior… or does it??? When was the last time you decided – this is it! Based on what I know (knowledge) I’m going to make a change. No, really, this time is for real!! I’m going to change fill-in-the-blank (my behavior) to do things better (smarter, faster, stronger, etc.).

We all know somebody that joined a gym last January with good intentions of losing weight and taking better care of themselves overall? Heck, it may have been you. How long did this new and improved “routine” last? Asked a different way, how much money did they waste in the process?

Yes, we are all human, and we make mistakes, but now is the time to be aware of this cycle of behavior and to make a change for the better. When we learn from our mistakes (and stop repeating them) we become more wise, which improves our lives and may enhance our financial situation too. You can do this! Make 2016 the best year ever!

2015 is quickly coming to a close and we hope you’ve enjoyed our series of articles this year, but more importantly, we hope you have benefitted from them. Our purpose has been to share some ideas about how everyone can have a better financial future. As a result, our hope is that you are much more likely to achieve your goals in 2016 and beyond.

We encourage all of you to continue having meaningful conversations about money with those who are most important in your life – spouses/partners, parents, children, siblings – as well as those who have an impact on your life – your advisers. The Holiday season is a great time for this as you’ll likely be with family that you only see once or twice a year.

Looking ahead, we plan on bringing a different flavor to our column throughout 2016. We hope to continue to engage you in conversations on how you can make the most of your personal finances.

In closing, we repeat the last paragraph from our first article in October 2014. Enjoy… Money alone doesn’t buy happiness, but having a plan for your financial future can. Preparation is priceless! We’re here to educate and inform, to inspire, to encourage action, and to help you make prudent choices through meaningful conversations. Life’s a journey. Navigate it wisely.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanukkah AND Happy New Year!