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Savvy Women Invest on Purpose

Savvy Women Invest on Purpose

| October 01, 2021

For many women, being financially secure is an important goal, whether you’re married, single, working or staying home with the children.  This financial independence can give you a certain level of empowerment and confidence about the future. 

The truth is that women face different issues than men when it comes to investment management.  Women face a longer life expectancy than men by about six to eight years and typically send fewer years in the workforce due to childcare.  They also earn less in Social Security benefits and lower pay than men, despite recent gains in equality(1).  Issues such as retirement, college planning for children, caring for an aging parent, and divorce and widowhood can make a big impact on a women’s budget. 

So how can you protect yourself and make sure your own financial goals are being met?  What are your options for seeking help in getting your finances in order?

It’s time to focus on a strategy for your unique situation and life changes specific to you as a woman.  Together, we can start making decisions today that can positively impact your financial future.  If you’re ready to take the next step in your confident financial future, we invite you to join Anne Simpson’s, CFP®  monthly series – Savvy Women Invest on Purpose (register here) or contact us here.

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