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Holiday Outreach 2015: Helping Their Furry Friends

| December 15, 2015

Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors is pleased to provide supplies and donations to Senior Services North Fulton in support of their Meals on Wheels for Pets program. This is Odyssey's 11th Annual Holiday Outreach in support of local charities during the Holidays, and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of their wonderful clients.

The team at Odyssey is excited to help the seniors of North Fulton, and their furry friends in particular. Most of us know through our own experiences how much joy our own pets bring to our life, and many studies have shown that pets provide companionship and happiness to people of all ages.

More than $3300 in cash and supplies were donated including a matching contribution by Odyssey's partners Robert Fezza and Steve Siders. Carrie Bellware, Executive Director, and Haley Evans, Volunteer Program Manager, both expressed their gratitude for the donations. This unique programs touches the hearts of many volunteers who offer their time to help, so they were very appreciative of the cash donation of this size to expand the reach of the program.