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Get Organized with Everplans

Get Organized with Everplans

| May 01, 2020

Be a Hero to Your Family

Have you ever thought about how hard it might be for your loved ones to gather, let alone process through, all your important personal information if something ever happened to you?

Getting organized in advance can not only help you feel good about being prepared, but also help reduce the stress for your loved ones. By having all your financial, legal, health, and personal information all in one place, you and the people you love can have peace of mind. 

We at Odyssey understand this. We’ve experienced this ourselves personally and with many clients. Nothing is harder than finding, sorting and deciphering the most important information at the most important times. We have a solution to help mitigate the challenges by helping you get organized and making everything easily accessible for your loved ones.

Take the first step – get organized

As overwhelming as it might seem to create a plan for your loved ones, we encourage you to take the first step to get organized. As you gather all your important documents, keep your family in the loop and have meaningful conversations.

These are challenging times with the coronavirus keeping us at home. Consider helping yourself and your loved ones by using this time to gather your most relevant information. Click HERE to download the Estate Planning Checklist, an easy-to-use list provided by our partner, Everplans.

Everplans offers many checklists and worksheets to help make things easier. Another of our favorites is their Digital and Online Accounts Worksheet HERE. This worksheet will help you keep track of various usernames and passwords for your most important devices (smartphone, computer, iPad) and websites (banks, investments, insurance).

Fill them out. Share them with loved ones. Have meaningful conversations about who has access to what and when, so you can alleviate any potential burden later.

Don’t stop there!

Don’t stop with lists of important information on paper. Odyssey offers our clients a free EVERPLANS subscription to help make sure you are fully prepared so you and your loved ones can have peace of mind whenever something happens. We care about you and we want you to know you are prepared, just in case.

What is Everplans?

Everplans is a comprehensive, secure and easy way to store and organize all the essential information you and your family need most. Once you have a login from us, Everplans guides you through an organizing process capturing your most important information all in one place instead of where it is now – your memory, your notes, your safe/bank, your top drawer or filing cabinet, your attic or basement. 

With Everplans, you’ll:

  • Feel confident you’ve organized all your important information and documents
  • Share personal stories and family history with those who matter most
  • Be able to scan documents in a secure and instantly accessible location
  • Have a process in place for your loved ones to know A) who to contact and B) how to access devices, accounts, emails, etc. when they need to most
  • Elect “deputies” to share your plan with now or later – section by section or the entire plan – you choose - family members, friends and other beneficiaries or professionals

To learn more about Everplans, please watch this 2-minute VIDEO.

To learn more about how to use Everplans, please watch this 2-minute VIDEO.

Ready to get started?

If you would like to start your Everplan, we are more than happy to help! Please send your request and/or questions to Roman Shlyakhetko at He will follow up with you to help and/or to send you an activation email to begin your personal Everplans account.

  • You’ll receive a personal email from your us with a unique link to your Everplan
  • Click the link, and you’ll be guided through the setup process
  • Once your account is set up, follow the steps to completing your plan

This is an incredible opportunity to be prepared just in case. Feel good about being prepared and reduce the stress for your loved ones. By having all your important personal information all in one place, you really can have peace of mind.