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You have unique financial goals and dreams, but life experiences, circumstances, knowledge and time can get in the way of having a good plan. Life happens. When you work with Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors your goals become our goals, and we help you answer some of the difficult questions you’ll face on your personal journey. We walk alongside you as your guide – working together we organize and simplify. We make a plan, and we put your plan into action tracking your progress toward each of your unique financial goals and dreams. Are you ready to begin your journey? Let’s get started.

We all envision ”Retirement” differently. As such, it’s important to 1) have a plan and 2) begin planning as early as possible. At Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors we utilize a process to develop a personalized retirement plan for each client. We take many variables into account and they all begin with you. Your desired lifestyle dreams, priorities, legacy, wishes, and more. We also address the many risks that exist throughout retirement. Are you on track for retirement?
Your investment strategy should be dependent upon many factors, including your time horizon, temperament, income, investment experience and more. At Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors, we use a disciplined investment approach that uses appropriate, but competitive mutual funds to build broadly diversified portfolios customized to your goals and needs. This is not just a product. This is a strategy that was built on Nobel Prize-winning concepts.
We are all human. We only know what we know. You work hard to accumulate your investments and other assets. But do you have adequate protection? Have you ever evaluated your needs? At Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors, we help you grow and protect your wealth. With our planning process, we ask the right questions to help you identify areas of risk that are most important to you and the achievement of your goals. We recommend solutions if your investments, life, income and end of life needs are impacted.
Providing funding for a child or grandchild’s post-high school education is a wonderful gift. By saving ahead of time and being prepared you can help your loved one(s) avoid the burden of student debt while positively impacting the start of their careers. Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors offers multiple options to plan and save for education expenses. We also provide financial coaching for your children upon graduation, as they begin earning an income and making their own personal finance decisions. Do you have a college funding plan?
We sure hope so! But if you’re not sure, we promise to do everything we can to help define specific plans to get you on a smart financial path. At Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors, we help you achieve your personal odyssey the way you’ve imagined it to be. We accept that the best laid plans are impacted by “life,” so we will help you plan for the unexpected, and walk alongside you each step of the way toward your financial goals.

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Investing in mutual funds involves risk, including loss of principal invested. Risks vary depending upon the strategy used by the fund as well as the sectors in which the fund invests. When redeemed, shares may be worth more or less than the original value invested. Diversification cannot assure success or protect against loss in the period of declining value.